Why I Stopped Scheduling Sex!

I have only been married for a hop, skip and a jump. Not very long at all… a year in July! When I got married, I had a lot of married couples, his families women mostly, talk to me about the things I should do to keep our sex life interesting. 

It didn’t matter that my husband was their cousin or nephew, they just wanted to make sure he was well-sexed I suppose. 

I got a lot of dress in sexy lingerie and have sexy panties. With women, we have two types of panties, period panties and sexy panties. I have plenty of both… but still, quite a lot of sexy ones as well. I also have the sexy lingerie covered. I love to dress up! And no… He doesn’t just take it off… That is not the point. *insert eyeroll* 

I also got some talk about how sex dies down after you get married. I heard this… mostly from my husband… Who has never been married before by the way… but heard this from other married couples. Insane! I literally thought “Not gonna happen to us! We are going to be great!”

When the beginning of 2017 hit, I went body, mind and soul first into my business! It worked! I got promoted! I made money! But I was exhausted… to the point I told my husband with a full time job and my part time business, we can’t have sex after midnight. 

I was getting up… or actually NOT getting up at 6:30-7 o’clock and was not able to expend the energy I wanted to have a good love-making session. It completely sucked! 

I didn’t realize how much we weren’t having sex, but he noticed. Here I am thinking we are having sex at least 2-3 times a week and it happened to only be 1-2 times a week. Sometimes longer…. 

Now I know some of you are saying, that’s enough! Let me tell you, for us… That is absolutely abnormal. 4-5 days out of the week is our usual… so to have that kind of decrease was just insane!

Two weeks ago, we were having a conversation about this. Why did our sex decrease? Well, it’s because I put a stop to our late night romp sessions! That was the best time for him, due to his work… but not necessarily the best time for me. Then during the day when I wanted to, he was busy with editing or something of that nature. 


After a much needed discussion, I decided that I wanted more sex and that we should in fact do so! We do not have kids at home, except his son on the weekends, so this should be a no brainer!

I immediately nixed this “no sex after midnight rule. I don’t need beauty sleep! I mean let’s be real, I get out of bed at the last possible minute anyway! (Most of us do… dreading going to work and all 😊)

And let me tell you what?! There has not been a long gap in our sex sessions since. What the hell was I thinking? Yea, I hear you… it’s only been two weeks! And? We have had more sex in these two weeks than the whole month of April!! So I’m pretty happy… he’s definitely happy! And it has opened up our playful, spontaneous side of things. 

I am not against scheduling sex if you have a busy life. I can just say, it’s not for us. Our schedules do not allow for normal sex times every week… and let’s face it… That takes out all the spontaneity, which I am definitely full of. 

All in all, I am glad I threw that rule to the curb. No more of that non-sense. New rule! Let’s play truth or dare every other weekend and see where it ends!

I got a few kicks out of that! And some new found fire! 

Let out your sexual beast and be you! And let them out often! You never know what you will end up with… 😈


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