Taboo and Controversial Sex Topics

Talking to my husband on Friday Morning, he brought up a very good point. One that we almost got into an argument over, because I misheard his question. Not only that… but it really threw me for a loop.

I am always looking for new content for my blog and always looking at interesting things to post on my Desirable Phoenix Facebook Page. It can be an article about weird sex practices. A video on poly relationships. Literally, anything that is related to relationships of all kinds.

As you read my blog going forward and see some of the topics I will bring up in my blog, you will get to see another side of Sex, Life and Love from yours truly! I will not hold my tongue on my perspective, but I will also not hesitate to look from another perspective and give you complete insight on a subject.

As a Relationship Coach, it is my position to look at all perspectives, but also to help individuals look at what they want to get out of a relationship and what they will have to do to get it. By researching all types of relationships, I will have been able to develop certain perspectives about relationships that will give someone else insight that they may not have had before.

I recently finished my website!!! I am super excited to bring my fans and clients something that they will not soon forget!

Please feel free to comment on my profile. I wish to have many different insights on the subjects that I post. I am aware that we, as people, all see things differently. I would love to hear what you have to say!

With all this being said, my husband is always keeping me on my toes. So I pose a question to you that was posed to me:

If you decided to stop having sex with your significant other, for any reason, and they wanted to have sex with someone else, since they were not getting it from you… What would be your reaction? What would be your response? How would you handle this situation?

I am curious to know.

Lady Lynn


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