Dear Self,

Hey Self! It’s me, the inside you. You know me quite well, but I feel we have grown apart. I am here to remind you, that I Love You!

You don’t say it to yourself often, but reflecting on these past few months, this needs to be said.

You have worked your tail off these past few months and have dropped the ball, but there is no worry. You have begun to pick it up again. 

You are showing yourself more love than you had before! You started working out consistently. Working, your business and moving threw you out of your routine, but you’ve started back up again.

Your confidence in yourself has grown. It may be that your business is taking off and you are becoming more present in your life. Confidence looks really good on you. 

Your relationship is doing well! You and your husband are getting along, talking more, and showing up in your marriage. It is amazing how some things affect us.

You need to always remember that the past is just is over and cannot be redone. You can, however, learn from your mistakes and stop them from happening again. 

At the end of it all, continue to love yourself and grow that love within you. Through that, you will find that you become a better person and a better lover of all people.

Rid yourself of the self-doubt, fear, the past and your anger. Your love is strong and Pure. I’m still here! Inside your heart!

Judge yourself no more! It is time to for a new chapter and a new beginning. Not because others want this for you, but because I want this for you!

Look at yourself everyday and tell yourself that you love you. Watch how much the world changes around you. A shift will occur and you will no longer feel fear or don’t, or judgment. You will only feel Love. 

That is what I wish for you!

Stay Blessed,

The You Within


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