Friday Fitness Update!

Hey Love Bugs!

If you workout on a regular basis and then take a break, even a short one, you have to start allll over! Haha.

Monday was arms and abs. Since I didn’t work out at all last week, I felt like I was completely exhausted during and after working out. No more long week breaks for me and my workout. That is just insanity. Definitely need more cardio in my daily!

Tuesday was legs. Oh boy! This workout was so hard, I actually gave up! Yeah you heard that right! My husband said he did that intentionally… not cool man! Hahaha. It was really hard. 

Wednesday was another arm day, which is not too bad. Still hard, but less exhausting. It seems I am getting back my Mojo! But I think I do need to add in some cardio… but I’m probably going to wait until spring to make it a habit.
Last night, I went home and of course it was dreaded legs… again. 🙂 After doing a nice leg stretch warm up, I was ready to go! The pain was less, but I will say there was still pain. I didn’t skip on the legs this time, no quitting! I did, however, cut my one legged burpee leg squat back to failure. These are really hard, seeing as I couldn’t do 1 on Tuesday… so, I was supposed to do 10 for 3 sets… I did 10, 8, 5. That was literally all my little legs could do… but at least I pushed! 

There is always an absolute workout after each workout, and I finished all 5 sets, but I did cut two of the exercises. I am still working on it. 

Even though this week I felt like crap after working out, I can see the changes my body is going through. It is very interesting how much changes when you work out. Especially if you are paying attention.

Until next time!

Stay Blessed.

Lady Lynn


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