Creating Connections and more!

Today, I want to talk about connections.

There are many ways to have a connection. It can be mentally, physically or spiritually. The most commonly talked about are the mental and physical connections.

People discuss wanting a partner that they are mentally attracted too. This person challenges them on a mental level, continues to help them grow, and allows them to be intellectually stimulated on a pretty consistent basis. Not all people like this type of attraction, but those people who are known as sapiosexual actually need someone who is mentally stimulating and will find that person attractive and arousing.


The most common that we see is a physical connection. Usually you can find this out by asking what a person is attracted to when they first meet someone. Sometimes you will get the usual, eyes, lips, face, or body, but sometimes you will get deeper into what a person actually likes about the opposite sex. You can walk anywhere and hear a conversation about someone being an ass man, or a leg man. Ladies will talk about a man’s abs or how their body glistened while they worked out.

Not that that is a bad thing… I have had my share of looking days. 🙂 This is just to say, that it happens to everyone. Anyone with eyes is looking and that you can count on. No matter your sexual orientation, you may not be attracted to someone sexually, but you may like the physical attributes of any person that may cross your path.

Some people believe and have been in a spiritual connection relationship. This is probably best known as your “Love at first sight” feeling. You have a close relationship with someone that you know, have met or have never met. You two just really click and it is almost like your soulmate just walked through the door. Some people believe that this can be with one person and some believe that there are more than just one soulmate per person.

Creating connections is not always about what is said, but can also be about what is not said. This does not have to always be in the sexual sense either. Not all connections are in relationship form, but are also in friendship form.

These connections are very important, however, to relationship growth and can continue to grow as time goes on. There is also the opposite, where a connection can start to go away as time goes on. It just depends on what you are trying to build.

So start connecting!


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