What turns you off?

Once the bedroom communication comes into play, it is important to have a talk about what turns you on! Some people do not know this and some do. Some people also don’t need to be turned on as much as others… mmm hmmm men and women.

However, there is always something you do that will turn your partner off! That one is usually the easiet to find out.

In one of my previous posts, it is important to communicate with your partner. By talking and exploring, you should be able to find the turn inside and turn offs of your partner.

Just like sex is different with different people, turns on sand turn offs are usually different as well. I know I would not be able to create a list here of every possible turn off or turn on… but to name a few that I have talked to people about:

Turn Offs: conversations involving an ex, some erogenous zones do not work on all people, getting hurt while having sex (that one is a doozy…ugh).

Turn Ons: erogenous zones, whispers in the ear, moaning during sex, or your partner having an orgasm.

By finding out what each other’s turn ons are, you can enjoy each other that much more! Which is usually what couples strive for… and the Big O of course, but that is another post!! 😏

Keep communicating and Stay Blessed!

Lady Lynn



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