Friday Fitness Update!

Hey there My Love Bugs!

Has it been a week already? That went by fast! 

This week was hard.and I can feel the pain today from the last two days workout. So tonight, I’m taking a Friday night rest! 

Not only am I in pain, but this weekend will be busy and I need to actually get my shit together for the next two days of hard work I and my about to endure. That means both tomorrow and Sundays workout will be in the morning, instead of in the evening!

I have been staying on my “diet”, A.K.A. eating healthier and mind making healthier eating decisions. 

This week, I have worked hard. I believe this week I worked out at least 5 days. The above workout is actually Monday’s workout. Just because it was a holiday, doesn’t mean I got off easy. You can’t see below the pic, but it actually shows 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up. So as you can see, I am building strength and toning this body. And I was sweating!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I worked out by myself. The husband gave me my workout and I crushed it! 

Wednesday was leg day and when I tell you it was a lot… I mean… A LOT! Squats, crunches, calf raises, jump squats… it was hard. As I listened to the music and worked out, I kept thinking about what I wanted from this and how my body will change from it and I pushed! At one point, I thought I was going to cry… but I held back those tears and got mad! At another point, I cut my lunges short… but, instead of leaving those 12 lunges off (per leg), I added them to my last set. 


Yesterday, my husband literally came in and walked out to go train at his job early, but not before giving me an arm workout. That was just as hard as the last. My first set I was on my feet with all my pushup variations. After the first set, my arms were jello. So, I decided to do knee push-ups for set 2-4. Next time, I’ll be able to push through two sets on my feet! I’ll make sure of it!

I am seeing a lot of progress. My energy is up. I actually look forward to working out now… which I definitely did not before. And with it being almost a month, I can safely say that working out has become a new habit!

My cravings for healthy food still happens when I workout, but sometimes I still need something sweet. Eventually, I will be figuring out a healthy snacks, other than fruit. šŸ™‚

My body is becoming toned. Not only can I tell in the mirror, but also when I walk and how I move now. 

Of course, the sex factor still stands! In the words of Ginuwine.. I want it. I need it. It is nice to see a change in my libido, where I didn’t think that I really needed it. Just goes to snack till how you, exercising regularly does a lot more for your body than you think. 

My ideal body is coming! I can’t wait to see what the next month proves!

Stay Blessed!

Lady Lynn


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