Friday Fitness Update!

Hey there My Love Bugs!

Hope you guys are having an awesome Friday the 13th! 

I had a pretty good day today. I worked and now I’m home… still working! LOL. But it’s all for you guys!

This week was actually pretty good. The pain has stopped! I am progressing to the point where the pain is less and less! But trust me, I and my till working out super hard. 

This past weekend was pretty bad, so I didn’t work out Saturday or Sunday. I did pick it back up on Monday though, so no worries. 

Monday and mind Tuesday did some crazy cardio, abs and legs! So I felt super fine!

On Wednesday, I took a “light” day. I did some yoga to center myself and my mind. I needed to get my head I  the game and that was the best way for me to do it.

My husband got a new job training during the week, so yesterday he left me early… but he left me a workout. 

The blue marks are how many rounds I completed in the 20 minute timeframe. I didn’t think I was going to be able to stay motivated without my husband there, but I kept him in mind and kept pushing. In a little over 7 minutes, I did two rounds of abs! I was on fire!

Tonight, I am taking another break, but tomorrow morning there will be no slacking! I’m going to have my husband get my workout together. 

I can see a lot of progress. My stomach is flatter and I actually feel better! More energized and also I’m not sick anymore! WOOT! And my libido has gone up… who would have thought?

I still have a way to go for my goal… but with not eating as much junk and keeping up on my workouts at least 4-5 days out the week, progress is coming!

Keep working it out and Stay Blessed!

Lady Lynn


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