Friday Fitness Update!

Happy Friday, Love Bugs!

This is my weekly update!

I’ve been doing really good! I’ve actually been motivated to workout and keep up with the husband.

It was a hard Saturday workout because it was leg day! Squats, lunges, sumo squats, calf raises, burpees, and more! I felt good afterwards, but Sunday… my legs were on Fiiiiiyyyyyyaaaa! 🙂

Saturday was my food cheat day… but I didn’t overdo it.

Sunday was a must needed day off! Not a lot of cheating, but there was some drinking. And I got to chill out and lay around… but I also. Somehow got sick. 😦

Monday was arm day… for 2 hours!! In my defense, I was talking and was determined to finish the many rounds my husband made for me. So, I brought it on myself.

Tuesday was a mini leg day, which was good since by this time my legs no longer hurt from Saturday.

Progressively by day, I started to feel worse and get worse. I lost my voice… sniffles and all that jazz. Wednesday, I was beat… so I took that day off and went to bed early.

Yesterday was ring training, which is fun but hard as hell! All these workouts had some sort of abs workout at the end, so my goal still stands.

As you can see, bloat is still down. I am doing  a lot better with what I eat and how much I eat. Bloating has gone down drastically. Still no definition in my abs… yet… but I am glad that my stomach isn’t hanging over my pants. 🙂

I will be working out tonight, since I am feeling a lot better and will keep it going until my off day on Sunday.

Keeping you posted!

Stay Blessed!

Lady Lynn


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