What The New Year Will Bring For Lady Lynn

Good Evening, Love Bugs!

I have already seen the “Finally!! A New Year” posts. All over Facebook.

I am one of those people at this moment. There were a lot of goals and plans that I had for last year. I will say that I am not where I wanted to be… just to be completely honest.

This year, I have a new plan! Take a look at this video: Keep Your Goals To Yourself!

So, my New Year Resolution… Keep all of my goals to myself until I actually complete them! I chose this route because every year, every month, every week, I divulge a new goal and then I find that after that week, month or year I have not accomplished anything.


This year, I am doing this different thing… the only goal that you will actually be seeing in real time is my Fitness Update and that was done on purpose. This is one goal that I have always struggled with, and one that I will be holding myself (publicly) accountable. So in other words… this is going to be interesting and fun!

I already have my list of things I want to accomplish this year. I am starting off small with 5 major goals and all of the actions that I take will be seen. I am so excited, I would love to share them… but I will not do that. Derek Sivers had it right. I have always done it… I give out my goals and I don’t complete them. So… Here Goes Everything!

Do you have your goals already for 2017? How will you be holding yourself accountable?

Stay Blessed.

Lady Lynn


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