I am NOT PREGNANT! My fight to getting a flatter tummy!

Hi everyone!

13662027_10209671023793185_6928710281545756625_oI recently got married in July! It was spectacular in all things that could have been a wedding. There was almost a problem though, in April I could not fit in my dress!! You are probably thinking, well what does that have to do with anything… I am going to explain.

In March of 2015, my best friend, Angie, wanted to take me dress shopping. I did not want to wear a dress to my wedding, only because I though it would be badass to wear a suit that I looked sexy as hell in! Angie assured me that I did not have to buy a dress, but just for tradition (of dress shopping) I should go anyway. I agreed. So of course, I tried on about 10 dresses and picked the one that I looked amazing in!! I bought the dress because Angie and I agreed that I don’t fluctuate in weight that much… So I bought it. I didn’t workout, I didn’t do anything. I just did my normal routine.

Fast forward to April, 2016… I made a date with Angie to FaceTime our other friend, Jessica, to put in our thoughts on the dress. I am super stoked, because it has been a year since I last tried on my beautiful dress and jewelry… and guess what??? I couldn’t fit my dress like I did before!!

I was so screwed!!! I had to hold my breath in to zip up the dress. I couldn’t breath once the dress was zipped up because I thought it was going to bust open. I tell you, I have never had that happen before. I was so distraught. Angie and Jessica were very helpful in not making me feel bad… you know… “It’s probably because you are happy in your relationship and you were eating comfortably…” Blah, blah, blah. I couldn’t believe it!! I found out later that they had discussed that they didn’t know what I was going to do, but I already knew…

I had to workout!! Now, I absolutely loathe working out. I start and then I stop. One week, a week and a half… I’m making progress… I quit!! Not really what I needed… But I had a goal: To lose this extra tummy so that I could fit in my dress!

So, I started a running routine… probably not the best idea I had… but I had to lose it… So from April to late June, I ran three days a week. I started the baby steps to 5K program on my Android and just kept working. I missed some days, but I had gotten back on. I changed my eating and just kept at it. I didn’t try on my dress again until July.

Now, when July came I was very concerned that maybe I didn’t lose my stomach and that all that hard work had been for not… but lo and behold, I fit my dress perfectly!! I actually worked out and accomplished my goal! I was so proud of myself!

Now, fast forward… My husband and I have only been married about four months when another one of my friends seen a little pouch hanging out and asked me if I was pregnant… WHAT?!?! NO! Absolutely Not! I didn’t think much of it at that time. Until… my sister said something on Christmas Eve…

My husband had shown her a picture of me the week before… He didn’t want to tell me what she said… but when he told me I was devastated!! (Not again.) My sister came in from talking with him and was looking at me like I had a secret to hide. When I told her I wasn’t, she gave me the side eye and thought that I was lying. I knew then what I had to do.

As a person who trains and works out everyday, I turned to my husband and let him know that I do not want to look pregnant if I am not pregnant… so I asked him to put a plan together for me and I would do it.

My plan was to start December 27, 2016.I had no idea what was in store for me, but I do know this:

  1. It will not be easy because I HATE working out
  2. I made a stomach goal for myself, that I want to accomplish and maintain
  3. I have to change my eating habits… what a bummer!
  4. I have my motivation… I want people to stop thinking I’m pregnant!

Now, with that being said the pros of actually working out:

  1. I will get stronger physically and mentally. Yes, working out is a mental thing.
  2. I will get a flatter stomach, but only if I keep at it… no more stopping my workout routine.
  3. I will gain more stamina for other activities, sex, daily errand, sex… so there is an extra plus!
  4. When I workout, I actually crave healthy foods… like salad, tomatoes, bananas, apples, etc. For me, that’s pretty weird, but I was assured that is normal.

I will keep you informed on my weekly progress and if you want to get your own workout routine let me know! There are many different goals to achieve with your body. It may not be just a flatter tummy or strength… but there is a workout for you!

Stay Blessed.

Lady Lynn


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