Boudoir or Not to Boudoir



The word, boudoir, is French. It means a women’s private room or bedroom. But, in a photography sense, boudoir is using a bedroom, hotel or intimate setting that is used to create or capture classy and romantic images.

I had previously heard of boudoir photo shoots, but I had yest to be a part of them. I began modeling for a friend , who captured more risque images (nude or semi-sexual). As a photographer, my husband had the opportunity to shoot boudoir with a woman who was turning 40 and wanted to get images done of herself! At that point, I knew I wanted to do one as well, but the time had never opened up to do so.

Around September or October of 2015, a friend of mine posted about a contest her mother was having. She was rebranding her photography business and wanted to run a new campaign. It just so happened that it was a glamour/boudoir shoot and she was looking for four models. Although they lived in Connecticut, I decided that it was worth a shot and worth the drive to get a free photo shoot. I went on her website and entered the contest.

A couple weeks before the shoot was to take place, I received a phone call from Marilyn Riel, owner and photographer at Menagerie Photography. She explained to me that I had won one of the spot. I was so surprised that I had to know why. She told me that she liked what I put in my description of why I’d be a good model for the photo shoot.

I was so excited, that I made a weekend of the trip of it!

This particular shoot was an all day event. I brought my own makeup, did my hair, and brought a few outfits for the boudoir and glamour shoots. It was spectacular!!

Before the shoot, we laughed and I cried and shared my thoughts about myself and my image. At the time of this shoot, I was struggling with my thoughts of what sexy looked like on me and how I felt. You may even look at these photos and see my petite body and think, “She’s beautiful”, or “She has a wonderful shape”, or “I wish I was her size”, but the reality is I had and still have some insecurities about my body and how I want it to look. Even doing the risque photo shoots did not make me feel like the boudoir shoot made me feel.

I felt vulnerable, and I felt sexy! It was a very powerful and personal experience. Unlike any other that I have had. After the photo shoot, I felt like I knew a little ore about my sexy and what “type” I fell under.

Feeling and being sexy is not about what other people think of you, but what you think of yourself. No matter how you look: thick, skinny, fat, curvy, petite, or plus-sized, your sexy is determined by how you feel about yourself.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!! Would I suggest it to other women? Absolutely!!

In the long run, you will thank yourself that this was something you did. It may not be as awakening as it was for me… but what if it is? Do you really want to miss out?

Stay Blessed

Lady Lynn


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